have you tried turning it off and on again


I’m Gary Scott. If you are reading this you probably know me.

I run this G25 server to host some websites, apps, and email for myself and a select few.

Why G25? Because I’m ‘G’ and 25 is my favorite number.


I am big on security. I have worked in Information Security and it is a big part of my work today. All login methods to G25 are encrypted. This prevents any bad guys from snooping your passwords and logging in as you. I am well aware of the dangers out there and do everything I can to protect G25.

Server Uptime

I cannot really guarantee uptime as I do not do this professional. But my partner and I have our personal stuff on G25. I will work as hard as possible to make sure G25 is running smoothly and up all the time. I will do upgrades and reboots when I feel it is necessary but G25 should be down no more then a few minutes a month.

Geeky Details

I use Linode to host the G25 server. I use Ubuntu as my current Linux of choice. I keep it updated, patched and secure. I have used Gentoo and Red Hat in the past as well. For webmail client I use RoundCube.